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If you do attend, a mask is optional. Please observe the required social distancing (1.5m).

Members MUST book to use the Range.  The number of participants is limited by social distancing requirements. 

ALL social distancing and sanitising rules must be obeyed. You must sign the normal Attendance Book

Our Shooting Matches

Shooting like many sports has quite a few different disciplines. At Campbelltown Liverpool District Pistol Club, we shoot matches endorsed by Pistol Australia including ISSF based matches, Service Pistol, and WA1500.

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Range Facilities

Club House


– Kitchen & Catering Facilities– Lounge and seating for approx 40 people– Safe Area for firearm maintenance

Range #1

18 Bay Outdoor Range with removable turning targets at 25m and fixed targets at 50m. Targets can be removed at both distances to allow the range to be used at either distance or a combination of both across range sections

Ranges #2 and #3

10 Bay Ranges fitted with turning targets at 25m

Range #4

This is a 5 Bay Range with a relocatable target trolley allowing targets to be set at any distance up to 25m. This range is predominantly used to train for Service & WA1500 matches and has three removable barricades,

Air Pistol Range

10 Bay Indoor Range with SQ10 Electronic Target system. This range is fully air conditioned.

Range Opening Hours


Wed Evenings:  5:30pm – 7:00pm Saturday, Sunday:8:30am – 12.30pm


Wednesday and Friday 8.30am – 12.30pm Saturdays:   8:30am – 12.30pm Sundays:      8:30am – 12.30pm


Do you have an interest in collecting firearms and ammunition ?

We have an enthusiastic group of members who collect a whole variety of firearms and ammunition ranging from historic items to modern semi-automatics.

The historic revolvers shown here are known as Velo-Dog’s The Velo-Dog (also known as a Revolver de Poche) was a pocket revolver originally created in France by René Galand, son of Charles-François Galand in the late 19th century as a defence for cyclists against dog attacks. The name is a compound word composed of “velocipede” and “dog”.


The Club hosts a number of competitive shooting matches each year at its Range in Kentlyn including both club managed events and events that are sanctioned by the NSW APA.

Check out the Club Calendar and Competition Entry Form pages for specific details on upcoming events.

Regular Shooting Competitions

The matches listed below are some of the annual competitions held at the club. These matches commemorate the life of members who have contributed significantly to the club and it’s membership over the years.


The BADCOE is a Centrefire competition conducted in February each year to commemorate the life of Maj Peter Badcoe VC.


This is a 25m Pistol event that is held in April each year and is open to both women and men.

Kathy was Secretary of CLDPC for quite a few years and was well known in the shooting community. She was instrumental in leading our Club out of the wilderness.

The “Davo” as it is affectionately known, is a Centrefire, 25 Pistol, and Black Powder match usually held in November each year.

John was a bit of a character, and was widely known in the pistol  shooting community. When he died his ashes were fired from a cannon across the Lightning Ridge range.

See the Club Calendar and Competition Entry Forms pages for more information.

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John Barrett


0410 496 229

Marten Teal


0411 711 866

Peter Jones


0417 677 912

Club House

221 Georges River Road, Kentlyn. NSW. 2560

02 4625 0449

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