Safe Storage and PTA Application

If you require a Permit To Acquire for a handgun:

  1. The application must be done online using YOUR Service NSW account
  2. You do not need a Club Confirmation from the Secretary
  3. Log into your Service NSW account and proceed to the Police link
  4. Select the Apply for a PTA option. The first time you do this, you will need to prove your identity (Driver’s License, Medicare, etc)
  5. Proceed to answer the questions.
    1. One of the questions asks for the Club Approval Number. This is 403 898 484.
  6. You are also asked for the Event Number provided by the Police when your Safe Storage inspection occurred. For the Safe Storage Requirements, please <click here>
  7. If your Safe Storage has been inspected and you have lost your Event Number, call NSW FAR (1300 362 562) and ask them – they will give it you on request
  8. If your Safe Storage has not been inspected, then you may opt to complete the Statutory Declaration form. Please <click here> for this form. Complete this form, sign in in front of a witness and return the form to the Secretary either personally or by email ( Alternatively, you may request a “Safe Storage Inspection” from your local Police Station.
  9. NSW FAR will send an email to the Secretary after you submit your application. The email requires the Secretary to:
    • certify that the above applicant is a current financial member of the CAMPBELLTOWN – LIVERPOOL DISTRICT PISTOL CLUB INC, and
    • confirm that the above applicant has adequate safe storage arrangements as specified under the Firearms Act 1996, and
    • certify that the shooting activities specified above are true and correct.
    • If you have provided your Event Number or the Statutory Declaration and also satisfied the other two requirements, then the Secretary will notify NSW FAR and the application process will continue

If you are still unsure, please ask a Committee Member for assistance